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Radhapur happens to be a prosperous village of gifted antiquity. The village is affluent in enlightened cultural heritage as well. It is about 15 Kilometers away from district headquarter . It lies about 15 KM North-east of upzilla HQ and is connected by a metalled road.

Fundamentally Radhapur is the name of the village, the dimension of which is not more than two Kilometers.

Radhapur is placed in the proper setting of plane, dales and meadows encircled with ever stretching homesteads. It has always remained a coveted abode for outsiders beset with roads and canal connecting with and leading in a manifold way to the Highway nearby.

The scenic beauty of Radhapur is unique and superb. The blanket of green spread up to the horizon is marvelous and impressive. Its beautiful surroundings is unparalleled in comparison with other village nearby. Its plain, dales and meadows spotted up with ever stretching home steads are aesthetic and colorful. Its plain land, thick begetation have added a new dimension to its geographical aspect.

According to information obtained from U.S.O. The total population of the village is 6162 of which the member of male is 3146 and female 2596. The dwellers of Radhapur are predominantly Madrasha education oriented. Wherever he is and whatever is his academic end in pursuit and profession. Agriculture is the main profession of the villagers. Most of the educated people live on service, Private or public at house and abroad.These who have taken up government service and are in the higher ladder prone to live in Dhaka or Chittagong permanently with a very frequent visit to their native village.